The New Team Website

Welcome!!! We have introduced a new JULES: team website.  This has a calendar to list all events for which the boat will be scheduled.  The crew is able to set their availability for each event.  The site displays a calendar post integrated with a crew signup feature.  An email notification / reminder for upcoming events is included.  The full featured site includes the following:

1.  Crew Entry section (Crew Login with an account):
  • The Skipper must first add each Crew Member (Name and Email address) in the system to create  an account
  • Crew Members may update their profile fields to include: Name, email address, mobile phone number, short, shirt & jacket size, weight, World Sailing (formerly ISAF) Sailor ID, ISAF Class, US Sailing Member Number
2.  Regatta Schedule with Crew Availability (Requires member login):
  • Crew may login and select a page that provides a regatta matrix for the season (current or a selected calendar year) and set their availability (yes, no, maybe)
  • Columns are Regatta Date & Time , Boat Location,  Crew Position Assigned, and Crew Member’s Availability
  • Rows are chronological and display stored data including the Regatta Name with link to associated calendar entry, Regatta Date & Time, Boat Location for the regatta, Crew Position Assigned and a Crew Member Availability dropdown
3.  Regatta Schedule with Crew Assignments (Requires member login):
  • Crew may login and select a page that provides a regatta matrix for the season (current calendar year, or select year from dropdown) with entire list of crew positions , crew availability and crew assignments
  • The header columns are Event Name, Event Date & Time, Boat Location,  Crew Uniform, Event Registration Status, Event Registration, Fees Paid Status and Results (for after the event)
  • A subsection for each event lists the following:
    Crew Member’s Name, Crew Position Assigned, Crew Member’s Availability (displays as dropdown for the crew member logged in), Beverages & Snacks Assigned
  • Events are listed chronologically and Crew members are sorted alphabetically with those available listed first.  Crew members listed include those who are available or maybe, and have not been assigned a crew position of “Stay Ashore”.  The Skipper may elect to have the list display crew who indicated availability as “Not Available”.
4.  Regatta Calendar Display: Displays the regatta schedule with selectable view as  monthly or agenda type list.
  • The default view is a list that may be changed to a monthly view showing the events.
  • When a person mouses over a regatta it will pop up the regatta info that includes: Regatta Name, Regatta Date, Dock Time, Boat Location and a text summary excerpt (not the full text which is available by clicking the popup).
  • If the event is clicked on, a page opens to display:
    • Regatta Name, Regatta Type, Regatta Date, Dock Time, Boat Location, Link for Regatta, Uniform (e.g. White Shirts), Regatta Registration Status, Regatta Registration, Fee Payment Status, and if after the event the Results (formatted as a link if results link available)
    • Crew members are listed by rows by Short Name (e.g. Bill, MikeS),  Position Assigned, Availability, and Assignments (e.g. beer, snacks)
    • Crew Member rows are color coded: Green crew is confirmed. Yellow crew need to verify with Skipper. Red does not crew for event. White crew position assignments not made yet.
  • Additional information is included in the text field for each event.  This is entered by the Skipper and may include things like after race party, tides, weather, etc.
  • The Skipper has a button to “Cancel Event Immediately” in case of inclement weather – sends an immediate email to crew listed for that event.
5.  Email Notifications: The system provides the following email notifications.
  • Password Changed – Emails Skipper notifying crew member (name) changed their password
  • Crew Member Changes Availability – Emails Skipper notifying crew member (name) changed their availability for an event
  • An Event is Cancelled – Emails crew members immediately when an event is cancelled and updates the calendar showing it as cancelled
  • Event Reminder – Automatically sends reminder of an event 36 hours (or as set by the Skipper) in advance to the crew assigned to that event.  
  • Crew posts a comment – Automatically sends email to all crew when any crew member posts on the website.  Typically this might be post event comments, picture links, etc.


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