2020 Silverware




In preparation for our first race of the 2021 season, the Edlu, I thought I would post some pictures of the trophies we won last year … hopefully they will be inspiration to win some silverware this season.


Riverside Yacht Club Statford Shoals Race 2020 Commodore Blattman Trophy — 1st PHRF Overall (1/35)



The Riverside Yacht Club was our first race of the season … !







Stamford Overnight Race 2020 First Place Spinnaker Class (1/13)



The Stamford Overnight Race was the second race of the year and with another bullet, we were still perfect … but only after defending ourself in the protest room.



2020 Gearbuster (3/5)


Although the rest of the season saw largely middle of the fleet performances, we still showed real glimpses of our potential …







The Henry Abbott Stratfor Shoal Trophy 2020 Season


At the end of the season, we were awarded the Henry Abbott Stratford Shoals Trophy, tied for best performance in the season’s races to Stratford Shoal …






Lets have an even more successful 2021!


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